Death and funeral of Néstor Kirchner

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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner passing by her husband's coffin at the Latin American patriots hall of the Casa Rosada.

Néstor Kirchner was the former President of Argentina and the first Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations. He died of heart failure on the morning of 27 October 2010. He was aged 60.[1][2] His wife, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was with him when he died.[3] He had been expected to run for president in 2011.[4]

Kirchner's funeral began on 28 October. His body was put on display in his coffin at the Casa Rosada. Over more than 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of people came to see him.[5] Many Argentine politicians and eight South American leaders attended the funeral.[6] In the afternoon the next day, his body was moved to the metropolitan airport.[7] A procession of many people walked with his coffin from Casa Rosada. From the airport of Río Gallegos, Kirchner's body was taken to the cemetery.[7]

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