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Death row is a place where people convicted of bad things go to be executed using different methods. Some are lethal injection or a gas chamber, or even an electric chair. Death row is often known as capital punishment due to the fact that many years ago, people who were convicted of really bad things such as killing were executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered, firing squad, gas chamber, guillotine, or shooting.

Punishments[change | change source]

Gas chamber[change | change source]

Gas chamber is a tool used to kill somebody by breathing in the gas and choking to death.

Guillotine[change | change source]

Guillotine is a tool that was used way before other tools were created. It is an object designed to cut off the head of a person by dropping a cutting tool that is controlled by a pulling object.

Firing squad[change | change source]

Firing squad is a killing method used in the early 1900s, including World War II. The method is used when army officers shoot a person to death.

Electric chair[change | change source]

The electric chair is a tool that is used to this day. It is a chair with electricity flowing through it designed to shock a person and kill them in minutes.

Lethal injection[change | change source]

Lethal injection is a killing method that is also used to this day. It is made to inject a person with one or more drugs that will kill them in minutes, or even seconds if the drugs are very bad, or a large dose is given.

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