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The following is a list of deaths that should be noted in April 2019. For deaths that should be noted before the month that the world is in, please see "Months". Names under each date are noted in the order of the alphabet by last name or pseudonym. Deaths of non-humans are noted here also if it is worth noting.

Each listing of a death must have a source. If no reference is included, the death notice will be removed. The following are the requirements of adding a name to the list in its order: name, age, where they came from, what the person is known for, cause of death (if known) and a source.

April[change | change source]

Jamshid Mashayekhi
1934 – 2019
Georgiy Daneliya
1930 – 2019
Sydney Brenner
1927 – 2019
Lasse Pöysti
1927 – 2019
Fritz Hollings
1922 – 2019
David Thouless
1934 – 2019
Elwyn Berlekamp
1940 – 2019
Richard E. Cole
1915 – 2019
Marilynn Smith
1929 – 2019
Georgia Engel
1948 – 2019
Tommy Smith
1945 – 2019
Paul Greengard
1925 – 2019
Yvette Williams
1929 – 2019
Bibi Andersson
1935 – 2019
Gene Wolfe
1931 – 2019
Owen Garriott
1930 – 2019
Fay McKenzie
1918 – 2019
Alan García
1949 – 2019
Pieter Verhoeff
1938 – 2019
Lorraine Warren
1927 – 2019
Patrick Sercu
1944 – 2019
Hannelore Elsner
1942 – 2019
Lê Đức Anh
1920 – 2019
Billy McNeill
1940 – 2019
1921 – 2019
Johan Witteveen
1921 – 2019
Dick Rivers
1945 – 2019
John Havlicek
1940 – 2019
Manuel Lujan Jr.
1928 – 2019
Ellen Schwiers
1930 – 2019
Damon Keith
1922 – 2019
Richard Lugar
1932 – 2019
John Singleton
1968 – 2019
Peter Mayhew
1944 – 2019

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Months[change | change source]

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References[change | change source]

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  14. Former Flint Mayor Don Williamson passes away
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  17. Bishop Gabriel Piroird
  18. Maurice Pon Le Parolier de Henri Salvador est mort (in French)
  19. Carmelita Pope
  20. Soulful Seattle singer Shawn Smith dead at 53
  21. Muere el músico Alberto Cortez, autor de 'Castillos en el aire' (in Spanish)
  22. Умер Георгий Данелия (in Russian)
  23. Trung tướng, cựu ủy viên Bộ Chính trị Đồng Sĩ Nguyên qua đời (in Vietnamese)
  24. Michael Jakubo
  25. Barry Malkin, ‘The Godfather: Part II’ Editor, Dies at 80
  26. Passages: 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist Thompson Mann, 76
  27. Marilyn Mason
  28. Smutná zpráva pro český basketbal. Zemřel mistr Evropy z roku 1946 Ivo Mrázek (in Czech)
  29. Artist Arthur Polonsky at 93
  30. Louis Rosenblum, 95, NASA innovator, led drive to free Soviet Jews
  31. Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner, who helped place Singapore on biotech world stage, dies at 92
  32. Скончался депутат Госдумы, экс-глава ФСБ Николай Ковалев (in Russian)
  33. Nina Lagergren, medgrundare av Raoul Wallenberg Academy, har lämnat oss i stor saknad (in Swedish)
  34. È morto l'ex Juve Gianfranco Leoncini (in Italian)
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  36. Skådespelaren Lasse Pöysti död (in Swedish)
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  38. Jim Glaser Dead at 82
  39. Former SC Governor, U.S. Senator Ernest F. ‘Fritz’ Hollings dies at 97
  40. Nyrkkeilijä Olli Mäki on kuollut (in Finnish)
  41. "Australian Rugby Pays Tribute To The Late, Great Lloyd McDermott". Archived from the original on 2019-04-09. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  42. Nadja Regin: Bond actress dies aged 87
  43. David J. Thouless
  44. Fallece Hugo Eugenio Ballesteros Reyes (QEPD) ex Senador y Diputado DC (in Spanish)
  45. Michael Busch, Maryland's longest-serving House speaker, dies at 72
  46. Seymour Cassel, Familiar Face in Cassavetes Films, Dies at 84
  47. Hanjin Group's Cho Yang-ho Dies at Hospital in Los Angeles
  48. M’sian pro Arie dies during PGA Tour event
  49. Fallece el exgobernador Víctor Manzanilla Schaffer (in Spanish)
  50. Mya-Lecia Naylor
  51. "Sandy Ratcliff dies aged 70: Original EastEnders actress remembered by co-star"
  52. Jan Wraży nie żyje (in Polish)
  53. Tidligere LO-leder Leif Haraldseth er død (in Norwegian)
  54. Josine Ianco-Starrels, curator who helped shape L.A. art scene, dies at 92
  55. Василий Лихачев скончался на 68-м году жизни (in Russian)
  56. Elwyn Berlekamp
  57. "Last surviving Doolittle Raider passes away". Archived from the original on 2019-04-09. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  58. Умер чемпион Олимпиады-1972 белорус Николай Горбачев (in Russian)
  59. James Hudnall, Creator of ESPers, Has Died Aged 61
  60. Veteran Kerala political leader KM Mani passes away at 86
  61. LPGA founder and World Golf Hall of Fame member Marilynn Smith dies at 89
  62. Remembering: Allan Staley 1928–2019
  63. Charles Van Doren, a Quiz Show Whiz Who Wasn’t, Dies at 93
  64. Wir trauern um Pfarrer Joseph Werner Bardenhewer (in German)
  65. Randall Berg, attorney who fought for prison reform and affordable legal help, dies at 70
  66. Earl Thomas Conley Dead: Country Legend Dies at 77
  67. Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard
  68. Irwin Jacobs reportedly dies in murder-suicide
  69. Murió esta madrugada la exprimera dama Estrella Zeledón (in Spanish)
  70. Alexander Valentino Acebo
  71. Son dakika: Fenerbahçe efsanesi Can Bartu yaşamını yitirdi (in Turkish)
  72. Remembering Geoffrey Chew
  73. Ian Cognito: Comedian dies on-stage in Bicester
  74. 'Lupin the Third' Creator Monkey Punch Dies
  75. Stanley Plumly (1939-2019) Remembered at University of Maryland
  76. Умер писатель Дмитрий Савицкий (in Russian)
  77. Journalist Max van Weezel (67) overleden (in Dutch)
  78. Ivor Broadis - the Ex-Carlisle United and England international has died aged 96
  79. Morreu a cantora Dina (in Portuguese)
  80. Georgia Engel, Gentle-Voiced ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Actress, Is Dead at 70
  81. Hall of Fame lineman Forrest Gregg dies at 85
  82. McEnery
  83. Tommy Smith: Liverpool great dies, aged 74
  84. Muere a los 88 años Francisca Aguirre, poeta de la desolación y la lucidez (in Spanish)
  85. An IAS officer Keral revered: Dr. D Babu Paul passes away
  86. "The Gravest of News!". Archived from the original on 2019-04-13. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  87. Boxing legend fights to the very end
  88. Muere a los 103 años Neus Català, la superviviente de los campos de exterminio nazi (in Spanish)
  89. Mark Connolly, former candidate for governor of New Hampshire, dies at 63
  90. Pioneering neuroscientist and Nobel laureate Paul Greengard dies at 93
  91. Dr. Norio Kaifu, Former Director General of NAOJ, Passes Away
  93. Former Isro scientist SK Shivakumar dies at 66
  94. Maailman vanhin elossa ollut olympiavoittaja Lydia Wideman-Lehtonen on kuollut (in Finnish)
  95. Yvette Williams, New Zealand's first female Olympic gold medallist, dies aged 89
  96. Skådespelaren Bibi Andersson är död
  97. È morto Giuseppe Ciarrapico, l’ultimo editore (in Italian)
  98. RIP Colin Collindridge
  99. David Brion Davis, Founding Director of the GLC (1927-2019)
  100. السابق الراحل عبد الله العمراني برقية مواساة.. الملك يعزي أسرة اللاعب الدولي Archived 2019-04-17 at the Wayback Machine (in Arabic)
  101. Umrla Mira Marković, supruga Slobodana Miloševića (in Croatian)
  102. Zmarł rektor Politechniki Gdańskiej prof. Jacek Namieśnik. W RMG wystawiona księga kondolencyjna Archived 2019-04-14 at the Wayback Machine (in Polish)
  103. Author and Grand Master Gene Wolfe, 1931-2019
  104. Warren Adler Dies: ‘The War Of The Roses’ Author Was 91
  105. Obituary: Jerry Clack / Classics professor, opera lover, old-world gentleman
  106. Enid-born astronaut Owen K. Garriott dies at age 88
  107. Почина легендата Сашо Костов (in Bulgarian)
  108. Les Reed: Delilah songwriter dies aged 83
  109. Muere José María Rico, esposo de la expresidenta Laura Chinchilla (in Spanish)
  110. Winston Shelton: Prolific engineer, inventor for GE, KFC dies at age 96
  111. Morreu Quinzinho, ex-jogador do FC Porto (in Portuguese)
  112. Österreichischer Pianist Jörg Demus gestorben (in German)
  113. احمد اقتداری از دنیا رفت (in Persian)
  114. Grande om Guro Fjellangers død: En av Venstres mest markante politikere (in Norwegian)
  115. Legendary songwriter Kent "Boogaloo" Harris dies at 88
  116. Fay McKenzie Dies at 101, Almost the Length of Her Screen Career
  117. "Former Rwanda rebel group leader accused of war crimes dies". Archived from the original on 2019-04-17. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  118. U 102. godini života umro fra Bazilije Pandžić (in Croatian)
  119. Fallece el mítico púgil almeriense Juan Francisco Rodríguez (in Spanish)
  120. Twelftree, Suzanne
  121. Canada avalanche: bodies of three renowned mountaineers found
  122. Peter Cartwright death notice
  123. Ex-President Alan García of Peru Is Dead After Shooting Himself During Arrest
  124. Frederick Hemke (1935-2019)
  125. Lone Wolf & Cub Manga creator Kazuo Koike passes away
  126. Former MK Yaakov Nehoshtan Passes Away
  127. Jesuit Father James Schall has died at age 91
  128. Regisseur Pieter Verhoeff (81) overleden (in Dutch)
  129. "Tributes pour in as former Northants cricketer Con de Lange dies, aged 38". Archived from the original on 2019-04-19. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  130. "Eminent writer, linguist Jamil Jalibi passes away at 89". Archived from the original on 2019-04-19. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  131. Journalist shot dead in Derry during rioting in the city
  132. Ira Neimark, the Bergdorf Goodman Chief Who Boosted the Brand, Dies at 97
  133. Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren Has Died at 92
  134. Dynamo Dresden trauert um Siegmar Wätzlich (in German)
  135. Winnetou-Komponist Martin Böttcher gestorben (in German)
  136. William Krehm
  137. Morto Massimo Marino: attore e conduttore televisivo di ViviRoma (in Italian)
  138. Юрий Пименов скончался на 62-м году жизни (in Russian)
  139. L'ex-cycliste Patrick Sercu est décédé à l'âge de 74 ans Archived 2020-04-14 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  140. Former ambassador Rodolfo Severino Jr. passes away at 82
  141. Xiao Yang, China's Former Supreme Court President, Dies at 81
  142. Former Japanese Justice Minister Okiharu Yasuoka dies at 79
  143. RIP Joe Armstrong, the author of Erlang
  144. Zmarł Jarosław Biernat (in Polish)
  145. 49ers scout Reggie Cobb dies from suspected heart attack
  146. Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian passes away
  147. Karl Grob mit 72 Jahren verstorben (in German)
  148. Tampa Bay Rays: Former minor leaguer Braulio Lara killed in car accident
  149. David Picker Dies: Former President Of Untied Artists, Paramount And Columbia Was 87
  150. Famous face of 'anti-drunk driving campaign' dies at 40
  151. Valdiram, ex-atacante do Vasco, é encontrado morto em São Paulo (in Portuguese)
  152. Vo veku 94 rokov zomrel vysoký komunistický politik Peter Colotka (in Slovak)
  153. Schauspielerin Hannelore Elsner ist tot (in German)
  154. Steve Golin Dies: Anonymous Content CEO & Oscar-Winning Producer Was 64
  155. Former minister and BNP Vice Chairman Barrister Aminul Haque dies
  156. Sri Lanka attack: TV chef and daughter among first victims of horrific bombings
  157. Falleció la actriz y bailarina cubana Amelita Vargas (in Spanish)
  158. Отиде си Красимир Безински Archived 2019-04-27 at the Wayback Machine (in Bulgarian)
  159. Former Marion Mayor Bob Butler dies at 92
  160. Heather Harper obituary
  161. Zmarł Stanisław Jędryka. Zawdzięczamy mu "Podróż za jeden uśmiech" i "Tolka Banana" (in Polish)
  162. Почина изтъкнатият преводач Венцеслав Константинов (in Bulgarian)
  163. Nguyên Chủ tịch nước Lê Đức Anh từ trần Archived 2019-04-22 at the Wayback Machine (in Vietnamese)
  164. Family’s immense sadness as Celtic legend Billy McNeill passes away
  165. Big John Quinn Dead At 78
  166. Comics Archivist and Publisher Greg Theakston Has Died, Aged 65
  167. Lasilinnuistaan tunnettu Oiva Toikka on kuollut (in Finnish)
  168. Conmoción en Santa Fe: encuentran muerto al ex futbolista Julio César Toresani (in Spanish)
  169. Henry Bloch, H&R Block founder, philanthropist, dies at 96
  170. Digital pioneer Matthew Buckland dies
  171. Viggo Fossum er død (in Norwegian)
  172. George Haigh RIP
  173. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg dies at the age of 98
  174. Former BWA General Secretary Denton Lotz dies
  175. Dramatist and educator Mark Medoff, author of 'Children of a Lesser God,' dies at 79
  176. Muere Juan José Muñante, ex campeón con los Pumas (in Spanish)
  177. Local basketball legend, former Ole Miss star Johnny Neumann dies at 68
  178. Nils Nilsson, 86, Dies; Scientist Helped Robots Find Their Way
  179. Nie żyje Tadeusz Pluciński. Legendarny amant miał 92 lata (in Polish)
  180. Tenía 73 años Murió Lorenzo Quinteros, un maestro de actores (in Spanish)
  181. Terry Rawlings, Film Editor on 'Alien,' 'Blade Runner' and 'Chariots of Fire,' Dies at 85
  182. Muere José Rizo, exvicepresidente de Nicaragua y candidato presidencial en 2006 (in Spanish)
  183. Peter Skipper dies: Hull City mourning the loss of club legend and 'warrior'
  184. "Laureate Professor Scott Sloan AO 1954–2019". Archived from the original on 2019-05-02. Retrieved 2019-05-03.
  185. Oud-minister van Financiën Johan Witteveen (97) overleden (in Dutch)
  186. Obituary: F2 and touring car ace Hubert Hahne - 1935-2019
  187. Professor Emeritus Martin Kilson passed away yesterday
  188. L'acteur Jean-Pierre Marielle est mort à l'âge de 87 ans
  189. Preminuo Zoran Marojević (in Serbian)
  190. В Волгограде сегодня не стало олимпийского чемпиона (in Russian)
  191. Dick Rivers, icône du rock’n’roll à la française, est mort (in French)
  192. Dutch cyclist Robert de Greef dies aged 27, three weeks after suffering heart attack
  193. Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek dies at 79
  194. Larry “Flash” Jenkins Dies: Actor, Director And Producer For Five Decades Was 63
  195. Former U.S. House Rep. Lujan dies at 90
  196. Papy Faty: Burundi star, 28, dies after collapsing on pitch
  197. Superquinn founder Feargal Quinn dies aged 82
  198. World Cup Veteran Jimmy Banks Passes Away at Age 54
  199. Умерла актриса Элина Быстрицкая (in Russian)
  200. دومین رییس ستاد ارتش پس از پیروزی انقلاب درگذشت (in Persian)
  201. 'Boyz n the Hood' Dirty Cop Actor Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Dead At 76
  202. Daniel Eric Kent OAM
  203. Preminuo Petar Omčikus (in Serbian)
  204. Kenneth Rothman, former Missouri House speaker and lieutenant governor, dies
  205. Ellen Schwiers ist tot (in German)
  206. Reijo Taipale on kuollut – sairasti vuosia (in Finnish)
  207. Boom Bust host Commissioner Bart Chilton dies at age 58
  208. Умер экс-глава Хакасии Алексей Лебедь (in Russian)
  209. Fallece María de los Ángeles Moreno, expresidenta nacional del PRI (in Spanish)
  210. Breaking: former president Dr. Negasso Gidada passed away
  211. Bickford, Bruce (1947-2019)
  212. Família confirma que corpo encontrado é da modelo Caroline Bittencourt (in Portuguese)
  213. Sylvia Bretschneider ist tot (in German)
  214. Wayson Choy, author of The Jade Peony, dead at 80
  215. Ancienne légende de Quevilly et du FC Rouen, Daniel Horlaville est mort (in French)
  216. Federal judge, civil rights icon Damon Keith dies at age 96
  217. Jo Sullivan Loesser Dies: Broadway Actress, Manager Of Frank Loesser Catalogue Was 91
  218. Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, a foreign policy giant, dies
  219. Nie żyje profesor Karol Modzelewski (in Polish)
  220. Soviet and Russian aircraft designer Genrikh Novozhilov dies aged 93
  221. "Alejandro Planchart, 1935-2019". Archived from the original on 2019-04-30. Retrieved 2019-05-01.
  222. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub dies aged 96
  223. Retired Army major general dies after lawnmower accident
  224. Family's great sadness as Celtic legend Stevie Chalmers passes away
  225. Hall of Fame DE Gino Marchetti dies at 92
  226. Australian poet Les Murray dies at 80
  227. Rodrigues Neto, 13º jogador que mais vestiu a camisa do Flamengo, morre aos 69 anos (in Portuguese)
  228. John Singleton Dies: Trailblazing ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Filmmaker Was 51
  229. Fallece en La Palma el gran maestro Su Yu-Chang, doctor en medicina tradicional china, filosofía oriental y acupuntura (in Spanish)
  230. Alanyaspor bus crash: Josef Sural killed on bus journey back from Kayserispor
  231. Former Rep. Tauscher, arms negotiator and Wall Street ground-breaker, dies at 67
  232. L'actrice Anémone est morte à 68 ans (in French)
  233. Beth Carvalho morre aos 72 anos (in Portuguese)
  234. È morto a 87 anni Luciano Comaschi, calciatore del Napoli (in Italian)
  235. Melbourne Cup winner Dunaden dies
  236. Fallece Luis Maldonado Venegas (in Spanish)
  237. Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in 'Star Wars' Films, Dies at 74
  238. Nandyal MP SPY Reddy dies aged 69

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