Deaths in January 2015

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The following is a list of notable deaths in January 2015. For notable deaths before the current month, please see "Previous months".

  • Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, cause of death, reference (must be added) are added.

January 2015[change | change source]

Mario Cuomo 1932-2015
Ulrich Beck 1944-2015
Boris Morukov 1950-2015
Donna Douglas 1932-2015
Edward Brooke 1919-2015
Rod Taylor 1930-2015
Józef Oleksy 1946-2015
Francesco Rosi 1922-2015
Robert Stone 1937-2015
Anita Ekberg 1931-2015
Faten Hamama 1931-2015
Leon Brittan 1939-2015
Wendell H. Ford 1924-2015
Barrie Ingham 1932-2015
Demis Roussos 1946-2015
Carl Djerassi 1923-2015
Lizabeth Scott 1922-2015

Months[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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  10. Mrunalini Devi Puar, Chancellor of M S University of Baroda, passes away
  11. Poet Miller Williams, 84, dies
  12. Bishop Géry-Jacques-Charles Leuliet
  13. Dubbing artist dies at age 63
  14. Former Lt. Governor Art Neu dies
  15. Noel Cobb
  16. Country great "Little" Jimmy Dickens dies at 94
  17. Tihomir Novakov, 1929-2015
  18. Al-Qaeda terrorist suspect dies days before his trial in New York
  19. Hansen passes away
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  29. Stuart Scott dies at age of 49
  30. Former Orioles GM Hank Peters Dies
  31. French anti-colonial firebrand film-maker Vautier dies
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  37. Former Star Wars actor collapses and dies during rehearsal for Dante's Inferno in London
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  40. Arthur Chase
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  56. Australian actor Rod Taylor dies
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  58. B.S. Abdur Rahman passes away
  59. Fallece Pepe Arias, decano de los olímpicos españoles (in Spanish)
  60. Kep Enderby, Gough Whitlam’s attorney-general and judge dies aged 88
  61. Gospel music pioneer Andraé Crouch dies at 72
  62. Unermüdlicher Mahner und intellektuelle Leitfigur (in German)
  63. Cavern Club owner Ray McFall dies
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  66. Robert V. Keeley, outspoken ambassador, dies at 85
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  68. Amedy Coulibaly, Paris Kosher Market Terrorist, Had History Of Ties To Violence
  69. Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Dies at 88
  70. Former Dallas Maverick Roy Tarpley dies at age 50
  71. 'Popsy' Dixon, drummer and vocalist for The Holmes Brothers, dies at age 72
  72. Dutch Fashion Designer Frans Molenaar Dies at Age 74
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  78. Taylor Negron, Comedian & Actor, Dead At 57 After Long Battle With Cancer
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  80. Walter Berns 1919-2015
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  86. Hockeyster Inge Vermeulen (30) overleden (in Dutch)
  87. Jeno Buzanszky, last of the Mighty Magyars, dies at 89
  88. "Legendary "La Dolce Vita" actress Anita Ekberg dies at 83". Archived from the original on 2015-01-11. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  89. Legendary Kiwi entertainer Chic Littlewood dies
  90. Avengers and Professionals writer Brian Clemens dies
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  92. Just in: Towering Russian singer has died
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  94. Bishop James Naanman Daman, O.S.A. †
  95. Pianist & composer Frank Glazer dies[permanent dead link]
  96. '80s hacker turned journo, IT crime ace Steve Gold logs off
  97. J. Robert Gover, literary mentor
  98. RIP Paul Morgan
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  100. Canberra author Mark Juddery dead
  101. Disgraced former Queensland Labor leader Keith Wright dies in Vietnam
  102. "Veteran Odia actor and director Hara Patnaik passes away". Archived from the original on 2015-01-14. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  103. Former Wolves owner Sir Jack Hayward dies in Fort Lauderdale aged 91
  104. Former Ambassador to El Salvador White Dies at 88
  105. Former UCF President Trevor Colbourn Dies at 87
  106. 中央军委原副主席张万年病逝 终年87岁 (in Chinese)
  107. Former USC coach Bob Boyd dies
  108. Lotte Hass dies
  109. Under Somber Skies in Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi Laid to Rest
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  113. Britain's oldest person Ethel Lang dies aged 114
  114. Ervin Drake, songwriter of ‘It Was a Very Good Year,’ dies at 95
  115. Kim Fowley, Music Impresario and Runaways Manager, Dies at 75
  116. Vale Val Holten
  117. Jean-Claude Baker, a Restaurateur, Dies at 71
  118. "Bishop Joseph Zuza of Mzuzu dies in a car crash". Archived from the original on 2015-02-02. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  119. Renowned architect Sir Ian Athfield dies, aged 74
  120. Pop singer Yao Beina dies at 33
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  126. Miriam Akavia (1927-2015)
  127. Iconic Egyptian actress Faten Hamama dies
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  129. Don Harron, legendary Canadian actor who played Charlie Farquharson, dies at 90
  130. Ghost in the Shell Singer Origa Passes Away
  131. First openly gay state MP Paul O'Grady dies in Sydney
  132. Kjell Arnljot Wig er død (in Norwegian)
  133. Voormalig KVP- en CDA-Tweede Kamerlid Piet van der Sanden overleden (in Dutch)
  134. Tony Verna, Inventor Of Instant Replay, Dies At 81
  135. Falleció José Carrasco Távara, ex ministro aprista Archived 2015-01-19 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  136. Michel Guimond, ex-Bloc MP, dies of heart failure at 61
  137. Владимир КЕСАРЕВ (in Russian)
  138. Romanian who claimed to invent world's first jetpack dies
  139. Anne Kirkbride
  140. "Former Army chief Gen Arthit dies at 89". Archived from the original on 2015-01-21. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  141. RIP Bob Symes 1924-2015
  142. Karl Pribram 1919-2015
  143. Памёр Анатоль Грыцкевіч (in Belarusian)
  144. Shock as Brazilian surfer Ricardo dos Santos shot dead
  145. Tangerine Dream Founder Edgar Froese Dead at 70
  146. James Walker
  147. Marcus Borg, leading liberal theologian and historical Jesus expert, dies at 72
  148. Pauline Yates, aka Mrs Reggie Perrin, dies at 85
  149. Former Home Secretary Lord Brittan dies aged 75
  150. Kemal Monteno, a Famous Singer, Died
  151. "Britain's First Lady of the Trumpet passes away in Chichester". Archived from the original on 2015-01-28. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  152. Morta Dacia Valent, dalle battaglie antirazziste al carcere (in Italian)
  153. Wendell H. Ford, Kentucky Governor and Senator, Dies at 90
  154. Saudi Arabia's 'reformer' King Abdullah dies
  155. OSL-oprichter P.J.G.A. Ego overleden (in Dutch)
  156. 'Beatle van Sparta' Nol Heijerman overleden (in Dutch)
  157. Pedro Lemebel falleció a los 62 años (in Spanish)
  158. Barrie Ingham, actor and voice of ‘Great Mouse Detective,’ dies at 82
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  160. 'Mr. Cub' Ernie Banks dies at 83
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  163. Joe Franklin 'King of Nostalgia' dead at 88
  164. Toller Cranston, figure skating legend, dies in Mexico at age 65
  165. Fallece Julio Canessa, miembro de la Junta Militar y senador designado (in Spanish)
  166. Link Byfield, columnist, politician and publisher dead at 63
  167. Frances Lennon - popular and prolific Trafford artist dies
  168. Famous Greek Singer Demis Roussos Dies at 68
  169. Der ehemalige Richter des Bundesverfassungsgerichts Ernst Träger ist verstorben (in German)
  170. "Is Marwan dead? Nation awaits answer of costly terror raid". Archived from the original on 2015-02-01. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  171. Former Red Sox pitcher Bill Monbouquette dies at 78
  172. "Snooker's Spick dies, aged 34". Archived from the original on 2015-01-29. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  173. Eminent cartoonist RK Laxman dies at 94
  174. Nie żyje legenda polskiego kolarstwa (in Polish)
  175. Former Whitlam minister and deputy Labor leader Tom Uren dies aged 93
  176. Fallece Wilfred Agbonavbare, el exportero del Rayo Vallecano (in Spanish)
  177. Fallece el ex internacional de balonmano Miguel Ángel Cascallana (in Spanish)
  178. Oudste Nederlandse Tourrenner Faanhof (92) overleden
  179. Former Haaretz editor-in-chief David Landau dies aged 67
  180. Muere Joe Rígoli, actor cómico argentino con carrera en la España de la Transición (in Spanish)
  181. Nobel laureate and laser inventor Charles Townes dies at 99
  182. "US Rep. John Myers, a Republican who represented western Indiana for 15 terms, dies at 87". Archived from the original on 2015-02-06. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  183. "Former Dodger, Rocky Bridges, dies in Coeur d'Alene". Archived from the original on 2015-02-02. Retrieved 2015-01-31.
  184. Yves Chauvin, lauréat du prix Nobel de chimie en 2005, est décédé (in French)
  185. Liberia: Former Liberian Army Chief, Abdurrahman, Dies in New York
  186. Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds, dies
  187. Rod McKuen, prolific songwriter and poet, dies at 81
  188. Der Mann, der das wilde Berlin entdeckte, ist tot (in German)
  189. Muere a los 77 años la actriz española Amparo Baró Archived 2015-01-30 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  190. Addio ad Arcieri, da New Dada a Krisma (in Italian)
  191. 女性初代議士 園田天光光さん死去 Archived 2015-02-01 at the Wayback Machine (in Japanese)
  192. Alexander Vraciu
  193. Renowned Israeli Conductor Dies Mid-Concert
  194. Oud-wielrenner Gerrit Voorting overleden (in Dutch)
  195. Bulgaria's Former President Zhelyu Zhelev Dies
  196. "Actress Geraldine McEwan dies". Archived from the original on 2015-02-01. Retrieved 2018-06-20.
  197. Chemiker und Autor Carl Djerassi gestorben (in German)
  198. Richard von Weizsäcker ist tot (in German)
  199. Kenji Goto: Video 'shows IS beheading Japan hostage'
  200. Jose Lara Bosch, Spanish Media Magnate, Dies at 68
  201. Murió el economista Tomás Bulat en un accidente de tránsito (in Spanish)
  202. Lizabeth Scott obituary