Deaths in October 2016

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The following is a list of notable deaths in October 2016. For notable deaths before the current month, please see "Months". Names under each date are reported in alphabetical order by last name or pseudonym. Deaths of non-humans are reported here also if notable.

  • Each listing of a death must have a source. If no reference is included, the death notice will be removed. The following are the requirements of adding a name to the list in its order: name, age, nationality, what the person is known for, cause of death (if known) and most importantly a source.

October 2016[change | change source]

Lowell Thomas
1923 – 2016
Neville Marriner
1924 – 2016
Mario Almada
1922 – 2016
Michal Kováč
1930 – 2016
Lyudmila Ivanova
1933 – 2016
Pierre Tchernia
1928 – 2016
Andrzej Wajda
1926 – 2016
Patricia Barry
1922 – 2016
Bhumibol Adulyadej
1927 – 2016
Dario Fo
1926 – 2016
Jim Prentice
1956 – 2016
Kigeli V
1936 – 2016
Ted V. Mikels
1929 – 2016
Yvette Chauviré
1917 – 2016
Michael Massee
1952 – 2016
Junko Tabei
1939 – 2016
Tom Hayden
1939 – 2016
Jorge Batlle
1927 – 2016
Bobby Vee
1943 – 2016
1915 – 2016
Tammy Grimes
1934 – 2016
Vladimir Zeldin
1915 – 2016

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  • Malik Nazar Hussain, 56, Gentle man worked hard for his family, from Jampur Pakistan and served WAPDA for 35 years. His Son Sajjad Salik can be reached @00923335225191.

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Months[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

  1. David Herd – United legend passes away
  2. Canadian Indigenous artist Daphne Odjig dead at 97
  3. Former Lt. Governor Lowell Thomas Jr. Has Died
  4. Georg Apenes er død (in Norwegian)
  5. Leading British conductor Sir Neville Marriner dies at 92
  6. Gary Reed, Founder Of Caliber, Dies Aged 60
  7. Tributes as Saudi royal artist Andrew Vicari dies at home Wales
  8. Faleceu Mário Wilson[permanent dead link] (in Portuguese)
  9. Mario Almada, Legendary Mexican Actor of Ultraviolence Cinema, Passes Away
  10. Historikerin Brigitte Hamann gestorben (in German)
  11. SD Times Blog: ZeroMQ founder Pieter Hintjens dies
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  13. Exiled Burmese prince dies in small Alberta town
  14. Former Alexandria Mayor Ned Randolph dies at age 74
  15. Celebrated B.C. architect Bing Thom dies at the age of 75
  16. La mort de Georges Balandier, sociologue, spécialiste de l'Afrique (in French)
  17. Richard Haugland, Eugene biotech firm founder and philanthropist, dies at 74 in Thailand Archived October 20, 2016, at
  18. "Michal Kovac, first president of independent Slovakia, dies at 86". Archived from the original on 2016-10-06. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  19. Addio a Luisa Massimo, pioniera della pediatria oncologica (in Italian)
  20. Ultimate fighter Josh Samman dies after coma
  21. Thriller songwriter Rod Temperton dies
  22. Bruin Legend Fred Slaughter Passes Away
  23. Former 'mystery' spinner John Gleeson dies aged 78
  24. Kingswood Country star Ross Higgins dies
  25. Скончалась актриса Людмила Иванова (in Russian)
  26. Hamburgs Kultursenatorin Barbara Kisseler gestorben (in German)
  27. Frederick C. Neidhardt (1931 − 2016) An Obituary
  28. Wolfgang Suschitzky, photographer and Get Carter cameraman, dies aged 104
  29. Dundee veteran who survived ship torpedo, jungle camp and atomic bomb, dies
  30. Legendary Telegraph columnist Rebecca Wilson dies aged 54
  31. Monsieur Guillaume Bieganski Archived 2016-10-12 at (in French)
  32. Lyn Chevli, Co-Founder of Tits & Clits, Dies at 84
  33. Northampton Saints and Lions legend Dickie Jeeps dies aged 84
  34. Stylianos Pattakos, Greek Military Coup Figure, Dies at 103
  35. L'homme de télévision Pierre Tchernia est décédé (in French)
  36. WORTH BAGLEY (1924 - 2016) Notice
  37. Former Prime Minister of Mali Mamadou Dembélé passed away at 82 Archived November 30, 2016, at the Wayback Machine
  38. Sir Anthony Grant
  39. Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney, Dies After Disclosing Cancer
  40. Acclaimed Polish film director Andrzej Wajda dies aged 90
  41. Bristol City legend Gerry Gow dies after losing battle with cancer
  42. Graham C Greene, publisher – obituary
  43. "XXL-Ostfriese" Tamme Hanken ist gestorben (in German)
  44. Actor Marnix Kappers dies at age 73
  45. In memory of Hans Petter Langtangen (in Norwegian)
  46. Eddie O'Hara 1935–2016 Archived 2016-10-22 at the Wayback Machine.
  47. Patricia Barry, daytime-television and film actress, dies at 93
  48. Matti Hagman, first Finn to play in the NHL, dead at 61
  49. Moderata politikern Pia Hallström har dött (in Swedish)
  50. Lars Huldén är död (in Swedish)
  51. Steve Lemmens Dies Age 44
  52. Successful Irish Sire Marju Dies at Age 28
  53. Peter Reynolds 1958 – 2016
  54. Kiribati Speaker of Parliament dies of heart attack
  55. Ewen Whitaker, moon-mapper, dies
  56. Pakistan football team striker Shahlyla Baloch dies in Karachi car crash
  57. Frank Fischl, decorated Air Force pilot and former Allentown mayor, dies at 89
  58. "'Martin' star Tommy Ford dies at metro Atlanta hospital". Archived from the original on 2016-10-15. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  59. Jack Greenberg, civil rights lawyer who helped argue Brown v. Board, dies at 91
  60. Cricket: Hants mourn Leo Harrison
  61. Ma Jiang Bao Passes Away
  62. 'I made a life here:' Iqaluit's first mayor, and curmudgeon-in-chief, dead at 82
  63. Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies aged 88
  64. "Chaloner". Archived from the original on 2017-01-15. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  65. Mäzen Curt Engelhorn ist tot (in German)
  66. Dario Fo, Nobel-winning playwright, dies aged 90
  67. Andrzej Kopiczyński nie żyje (in Polish)
  68. Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient Richard Pittman dies at age 71
  69. Ex-House speaker Booneua dies at 97
  70. Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice among 4 killed in B.C. plane crash
  71. Addio a Tonino Valerii, ombra di Sergio Leone (in Italian)
  72. Jean Alexander dead aged 90: Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden dies in hospital three days after birthday
  73. Lucy Baxley, Former Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, Dies
  74. Ukrainian astronomer and famous comer researcher Klim Churyumov dies at 79
  75. Pierre Etaix obituary
  76. "Darydar Kamal Habibollahi, last Navy commander of Mohammed Reza Shah, dies". Archived from the original on 2016-12-20. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  77. Trade unionist Helen Kelly dies
  78. Werner ist heute, am 14. Oktober 2016, im Beisein seiner lieben Frau, friedlich eingeschlafen. Archived October 19, 2016, at the Wayback Machine (in German)
  79. Décès de Marcel Berger Archived 2016-10-22 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  80. A.J. (Hans) Bruggeman jr. (in Dutch)
  81. Auburn career sacks leader Quentin Groves dead at age 32
  82. 1954 U.S. Women's Amateur Champion Romack Dies at 83
  83. In Memory Of Maggie Diaz
  84. Anthony Foley: Munster rugby coach dies suddenly in Paris
  85. Cecilia Hart, Actress and Wife of James Earl Jones, Dies at 68
  86. Former Louisiana congressman, Clyde Holloway, dies at 72
  87. Disposable nappy inventor Valerie Hunter Gordon dies aged 94
  88. World’s oldest giant panda Jia Jia put to sleep at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park
  89. The last King of Rwanda, Kigeli V, dies at the age of 80
  90. Ted V. Mikels, Master of Low-Budget Cult Favorites, Dies at 87
  91. Professor Stephen Moorbath
  92. Militia commander killed in bombing attack in eastern Ukraine
  93. Lithuania's HealthMin Pozela passes away
  94. Icono del teatro nacional Juan Radrigán falleció este domingo (in Spanish)
  95. Molly Rose, Spitfire pilot – obituary
  96. Eddie Applegate, Actor on 'The Patty Duke Show,' dies at 81
  97. Teodor Kufel (in Polish)
  98. Anthony Addabbo, ‘Guiding Light’ Alum, Dies at 56
  99. Remembering David Bunnell (1947–2016), The Maverick Who Helped Invent Tech Media
  100. Poker Mourns the Loss of Dave "El Blondie" Colclough
  101. Former UTC Basketball-Tennis Coach Tommy Bartlett Dies at Age 88
  102. A murit Radu Câmpeanu (in Romanian)
  103. Umrla Milka Canić (in Bosnian)
  104. Yvette Chauviré, French prima ballerina, dies aged 99 at home in Paris
  105. Patricia Scott Obituary
  106. Wolves FA Cup final hero and former Stoke and Liverpool star Sam Smyth dies at 91 Archived October 25, 2016, at the Wayback Machine
  107. Edward Allworth: The Last Of The Great Masters Of Central Asian Studies
  108. Bowen, Former Princeton and Mellon President, Dies
  109. 声優の肝付兼太さん死去 『ドラえもん』スネ夫役 (in Japanese)
  110. Michael Massee, Michael Massee, actor who played 24 villain Ira Gaines, dies at 64
  111. In Memory of Giorgos Pavlidis
  112. Simone Schaller, Olympic hurdler in 1932 and '36, dies at 104
  113. First woman atop Everest dies aged 77
  114. Mieke Telkamp (82) overleden (in Dutch)
  115. Zmarł Paweł Baumann Archived 2016-10-25 at the Wayback Machine (in Polish)
  116. CDA’er Frans Jozef van der Heijden (78) met vrouw uit leven gestapt (in Dutch)
  117. "Obituary / Kenji Kosaka / Former education minister". Archived from the original on 2016-10-22. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  118. Actor Manfred Krug, a star in East and West Germany, dies aged 79
  119. Frenchy Martin Passes Away
  120. Robert Lomer Mccord
  121. Dual Champion Chase winner Moscow Flyer dies aged 22
  122. Dr. Robert Emerson Windom
  123. Comics Community Reacts To Steve Dillon's Death
  124. Molukse leider Frans Tutuhatunewa overleden (in Dutch)
  125. Ex-Tiger basketball coach Bob Vanatta dies at 98
  126. ПОМЕРЛА ВІДОМА УКРАЇНСЬКА АКТРИСА ТЕАТРУ ТА КІНО Archived 2016-10-25 at the Wayback Machine (in Ukrainian)
  127. Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns dies
  128. Tom Hayden, 1960s radical who became champion of liberal causes, dies at 76
  129. Qatar: Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani passes away
  130. Dad's Army creator Jimmy Perry dies
  131. Former state Sen. Bob Saunders dies at age 87
  132. Uruguay ex-President Jorge Batlle dies aged 88
  133. Zanger en gitarist Eddy Christiani (98) overleden Archived 2016-10-27 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  134. Author Benjamin Creme Has Passed Away
  135. Dynamo-Idol mit 64 Jahren gestorben (in German)
  136. Renowned Ukrainian economist and philanthropist Bohdan Hawrylyshyn dies aged 90
  137. Siv Holma är död Archived 2016-10-27 at the Wayback Machine (in Swedish)
  138. Muere el chófer militar que salvó la vida a Erwin Rommel, el general nazi al que odiaba Hitler (in Spanish)
  139. Minnesota music legend Bobby Vee dies after Alzheimer's battle
  140. Scientist who pioneered early warning system for outbreaks dies
  141. Kevin Curran, Emmy Winner and Longtime ‘Simpsons’ Writer, Dies at 59
  142. Bob Hoover, one of history’s greatest pilots, dead at 94
  143. Российский тренер Плинер скончался в возрасте 80 лет (in Russian)
  144. Nie żyje profesor Jerzy Szacki (in Polish)
  145. Carlos Alberto: Brazil legend dies aged 72 after heart attack
  146. Мелис Абзалов оламдан ўтди (in Uzbek)
  147. المرجع الديني آية الله السيد تقي الطباطبائي القمي في ذمة الخلود.. (in Persian)
  148. E' morto Luciano Rispoli, signore della televisione educata (in Italian)
  149. وفاة اللاعب الدولي علي حسين شهاب عن 55 عاما Archived October 31, 2016, at the Wayback Machine (in Arabic)
  150. Morreu João Lobo Antunes Archived 2018-07-31 at the Wayback Machine (in Portuguese)
  151. ARF Leader, Writer Ruben Hovsepyan Passes Away
  152. Protein Folding Pioneer Dies
  153. In Memory of William P Miller February 22, 1930 - October 27, 2016
  154. STT: Pentti Siimes on kuollut (in Finnish)
  155. Prince Mikasa, a China war veteran who spanned three reigns, dies at 100
  156. RIP Bobby Wellins (1936–2016)
  157. Famous Lebanese singer, composer Melhem Barkat dies Archived October 29, 2016, at the Wayback Machine
  158. "Former Grenadian PM Nicholas Brathwaite dies". Archived from the original on 2021-01-09. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  159. கோவாவின் முதல் பெண் முதல்வர் சசிகலா ககோத்கர் காலமானார் (in Tamil)
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  162. Long-serving Durham legislator Paul Luebke dies at 70
  163. John D. Roberts, 1918–2016
  164. Cambodian former PM dies at 80
  165. "Longtime State Sen. J. Barry Stout dies at age 79". Archived from the original on 2016-11-01. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  166. Thörner Åhsman (in Northern Sami)
  167. Tammy Grimes, the Original ‘Unsinkable Molly Brown,’ Dies at 82
  168. "Remembering TOS Guest Don Marshall, 1936–2016". Archived from the original on 2018-10-24. Retrieved 2019-02-25.
  169. Tuck Everlasting author Natalie Babbitt dies at 84
  170. Leader in the Field of Biophysics and Computational Modeling Has Died
  171. Скончался 101-летний актер Владимир Зельдин (in Russian)