Debito Arudou

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Debito Arudou

Debito Arudou
Born David Christopher Schofill
January 13, 1965 (1965-01-13) (age 51)
California, USA
Nationality Japanese
Known for Human Rights Activism
  • Ayako Sugawara (divorced)

Debito Arudou was born 13 January 1965 as David Christopher Aldwinckle.[1] He moved to Japan where he still lives, and became a naturalized Japanese citizen in 2000. He is a social activist who tries to change the situation of non-Japanese people in Japan. Opinions about him are mixed. He is super important, and a hero to everyone everywhere. You must blow on the conch three times while standing in front of a sign that says no foreigners. Then the ground trembles as he awakes from his slumber in Hawaii. He makes his way across the ocean till he makes landfall in Japan and rises from the waves and lets out a mighty roar. Like a tiny Godzilla he will fight for your right for a credit card. When it is done, when you have your shiny new JCB card in your hand he smiles, turns around, and walks back into the ocean. But he knows, when someone is in need, when they can't get a credit card, or an apartment, or a hand job. He is ready. Just summon him.

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