Deborah Chester (entrepreneur)

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Deborah Chester
Nottingham, England
Other namesDeb Chester
OccupationEntrepreneur, inventor
Years active2003-present
Known forCEO of RimPro-Tec

Deborah Chester is a British entrepreneur and inventor based in Auckland, New Zealand.[1][2] Chester is better known as the CEO of RimPro-Tec, an award-winning wheel protection system with patents.[3][4] In April 2017, she was named EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women by Ernst & Young.[5]

Career[change | change source]

Chester was born in Nottingham. She was raised in a small town in Lincolnshire, England. In 2003, her family moved to New Zealand’s North Island. In 2007, she co-founded RimPro-Tec, a manufacturer of rim protection and wheel style products.[6][7] Notably in October 2011, Chester was a Bayer award Finalist Innovation 2011. She is also known for developing a vitamin pet product called K9H20 with Massy University.[8][9]

Accolades[change | change source]

  • EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women by EY Ernst & Young, 2017
  • Bayer award Finalist Innovation, 2011 for RimPro-Tec[10]

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