Deli Fuad Pasha

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Deli Fuad Pasha

Fuad (1835–1931) was a Circassian,[1] Ottoman soldier and stateman, also known as Mushir (marshall) Deli Fuad Pasha.

Fuad Pasha was born in 1835 in Egypt. He was the son of Müsür Hasan Pasha. He ascended to colonel rank in Egyptian army. He came Istanbul in 1869. He won Liva rank in Ottoman Army in 1872. He took office 1877–1877 in Tuna frontline Ottoman-Russsian War. He was commander in Elena Conflict in side of Ottoman troops and gained "Elena Hero" title for his achievements. Also gained "Deli" title which means exactly "Crazy" because of his courage. But in 1902 he sent into exile by Abdulhamid II to Damascus. He returned Istanbul in 1908 when The Second Constitutional Era announcement.

He was 96 years old when he died in Istanbul.

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  1. The Circassians are a North Caucasian ethnic group native to Circassia. They were displaced in the course of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus in the 19th century, especially after the Russian–Circassian War in 1864.