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Depressants are a group of drugs that depress or slow down the activity of certain areas of the brain. Functionally, depressants counter the effects of stimulants, which increase brain activity. Drugs of the depressant type are widely used around the world, as prescription drugs. They can help with the following:

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety or panic
  • Reduce insomnia and other sleeping-problems, and help people sleep better
  • As analgetics they reduce pain and fever
  • To reduce convulsions and seizures, especially in the case of epilepsy
  • Relax muscles, for those with muscle spasms In addition, they are used (often as illegal drugs):
  • To boost the mood, and cause euphoria
  • To reduce Social anxiety, that is help people who feel unwell in certain situations where other people are around
  • To just calm down if needed

Big groups[change | change source]

Among the big groups of depressants are: