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Development of Windows Vista

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Windows Longhorn
OS familyMicrosoft Windows NT
Final release6000.16385.vista_rtm.061030-1720 (Latest Windows Vista beta)
Available inEnglish

The development of Windows Vista started in 2004 with the creation of Windows Longhorn build 3790.1232 (Milestone 3 release).

History (Pre-reset)

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The development started with Microsoft Windows Codename: Longhorn Build 3790.1232 (Milestone 3 build date of August 19, 2004). It added a new theme called "Plex" and it added features like the "sidebar" on the right, a predecessor of Windows Sidebar, a logon screen clock, and more. Check BetaWiki for more infomation to these OS'es. Build 4042 (Lab06) added the "Slate" and "Aero" theme and in build 4074, Windows Vista-ish icons were added. But then, build 4093 came out, which is the last pre-reset build of Windows Longhorn, due to bugs.

History (Omega 13/Ω13)

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Microsoft started over from scratch, and released Build 5000, 3790, and 5001.

History (Post Reset.)

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Later in 2005, build 5048 came out, adding the Aero theme again. A searchbar was added in the start menu. In Build 5112, the name was changed from Longhorn to Windows Vista, another Aero theme was added and so on. In Windows Vista Build 5259, the start button was replaced with a orb, The setup was also changed. In Windows Vista build 5536, the Aero theme got changed again and some new functions were added.


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Windows Vista Build 5738 marks the start of the Pre-RTM phase. Build 6000.16385 is the final, latest Windows Vista Pre-RTM build.

Release to manufacturing

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Build 6000.16386 marks the end of the developement of Vista.