Dig Dug

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Dig Dug is a game made by Namco in 1982. A well known game based on a simple concept. It was also released as a video game on many consoles.

Dig Dug was rated the sixth most popular coin-operated video game of all time by the Killer List of Video Games website.[1]

It has been said that the music for the game show Starcade was taken from the music for Dig Dug.[2]

In the video for the song "We Are All Made of Stars" from electronic musician Moby, a scene is shown where a person of Moby himself, dressed as an astronaut, is in the middle of a Dig Dug game.

In the game you control Dig Dug to defeat all enemies in the maze, either by bursting them or by crushing them with rocks placed in the arena.

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