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Discord is a piece of software that is designed to let people talk to each other more easily over the internet. It was made with people who play video games in mind, which means the people who made it focused on making it fast and easy to use. It includes Voice Over IP support, allowing users to talk to each other like they would on the phone. It also includes video chat support[1].

Discord is free to use, and it runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in some web browsers. Users can pay money to Discord every month to receive extra features, which is called "Discord Nitro"[2]. Discord also includes a store for video games, and users who pay for Discord Nitro receive a certain amount of games for free[3].

Software[change | change source]

Discord uses servers and channels. Users can create servers on Discord, manage servers public visibility and access, and create channels within the servers. If given the accessibility, users can create channels and customize them. For example, a channel can be marked "nsfw" (Not safe for work), which makes new first-time channel viewers to confirm they're 18. In addition, Discord servers can create voice-chat channels.

Discord users have unique four-digit identification, after a "#" after their username. This allows multiple users to have the same username and makes it easier to find friends.

Discord allows users to connect to their account to their Twitch.tv. Discord can determine the game a user is playing if their Steam is connected to their account.

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