Districts of Japan

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Districts of Japan (郡#日本の郡) were areas of traditional local government in Japan before the Meiji period.[1] The function of districts has changed over time, but they continue to exist in contemporary Japan.[2]

Districts are not all the same size. They are roughly equivalent to a county in the United Kingdom or the United States. They are smaller than prefectures and larger than towns and villages.

History[change | change source]

Districts were established in the 8th century.

Until the 10th century, the chief government official of a district (gun) was called the gunji. [1] During the Edo period, the head of a district (gun) was called the gundai.[3]

Between 1878 and 1921, the Meiji period and Taishō period, districts were given specific powers and responsibilities which are now diffused.

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