Division of Spence

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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Spence 2019.png
Location of Spence (dark green) in Greater Adelaide, South Australia
MPNick Champion
NamesakeCatherine Helen Spence
Electors119,402 (2019)
Area532 km2 (205.4 sq mi)
DemographicOuter Metropolitan
Coordinates34°42′S 138°42′E / 34.7°S 138.7°E / -34.7; 138.7Coordinates: 34°42′S 138°42′E / 34.7°S 138.7°E / -34.7; 138.7

The Division of Spence is an electoral district for the Australian House of Representatives in the outer northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

History[change | change source]

It is named after Catherine Helen Spence, who worked to get women the right to vote. She was the first female political candidate in Australia.[1]

It was set up in 2018 after a redistribution to reduce the number of seats in South Australia. It cover most of the former Division of Wakefield.[2]

Spence covers the Adelaide Plains between the Little Para River in the south and the Gawler River on the north, and areas around Gawler and Salisbury. It includes the City of Playford and Town of Gawler, Concordia, Kalbeeba, Gawler Belt, Buchfelde, and parts of the City of Salisbury.[3]

Members[change | change source]

Image Member Party Term Notes
  Nick Champion.jpg Nick Champion
Labor 2019 Australian federal election, 18 May 2019 –
Previously held the Division of Wakefield. Incumbent

Election results[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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