Dniester Hydroelectric Station

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Dniester Hydroelectric Station (Ukrainian: Дністровська ГЕС) is one of the hydroelectric power plants on the Dniester (southwestern Ukraine).

Overview[change | change source]

Construction of the Dniester HPP began in 1973.

On July 29, 1977, the builders of the Dniester HPP changed the course of the river near the village of Novodnistrovsk.

In 1981, two hydroelectric power units were put into operation.

The buildings of the Dniester HPP are located at a distance of 678 km from the mouth of the Dniester. The hydroelectric dam created a reservoir 194 km long.

For 25 years the cities of Moldova and Ukraine, located on the banks of the Dniester from hydroelectric power plants to the Black Sea, do not suffer from the destructive effects of floods.

Modern station[change | change source]

The HPP-1 building is a channel, connected, drainage type, has an open drain located above the engine room. It consists of three two-unit sections, each 51 m wide and 75 m long. The height of the building is 80 m.[1]

In 2007, the implementation of the second stage of reconstruction of the Dniester HPP began.

Industrial tourism[change | change source]

As the tallest (over 100 meters) and largest hydropower plant in Europe, it is an attractive object of industrial tourism in Ukraine.

References[change | change source]

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