Dog attack

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A military dog is being trained to bite

When a dog attacks and bites a human this is generally known as dog attack. Dogs have been among the first animals to be domesticated and have lived with humans for a long time. Dog attacks are common in daily life. The biting dog causes an injury, which may be serious, and may lead to death. In addition to the bite wound, the dog may transmit diseases through the bite; one example for a disease transmitted through biting is rabies.

There is a discussion whether certain breeds of dogs are more prone to producing an attack than others.

Very often, the attack is triggered by human behavior.

  • If a dog feels threatened, it will protect itself, and its companions
  • Dogs are possessive: Removing something the dog considers its possession (such as food or water) may trigger an attack.
  • Dogs are territorial: Entering the territory of a dog may trigger an attack
  • Since dogs have lived with humans for a long time, they are good at interpreting body language. If this body language is threatening, the dog may react accordingly.
  • Dogs have many of the hunting behaviors wolves have: If they consider something to be prey, they may hunt it.
  • Trained dogs may attack without warning

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