Donald III of Scotland

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Donald III
King of Scots
Donald III of Scotland - 16th-17th Century.jpg
Reign1093 – May 1094
PredecessorMalcolm III
SuccessorDuncan II
Reign12 November 1094 – 1097
PredecessorDuncan II
Rescobie, Kingdom of Scotland
Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland
FatherDuncan I

Donald III (c. 1032–1099), was King of Scots from 1093–1094 and 1094–1097. He was also called Donald the Fair and Donald the White. His father was Duncan I of Scotland.[1] In May 1094, Donald's nephew Duncan II stole the throne. Duncan was killed and Donald became king again in November 1094.[2] Donald died in 1099 and his nephew Edgar became king.

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