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Doom 2

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Doom 2 (or Doom II in roman numerals) is a sequel to the first-person shooter video game Doom. It was created by iD Software, and came out in 1994, just one year after the first game. It was based on the same game engine as Doom, and had 32 levels, two of them secret. Doom 2 got newer enemies and weapons. Enemies new in Doom 2 include the Arch-vile, Mancubus, Arachnotron, Chaingunner, Pain Elemental, Revenant, Hell Knight, and the Final Boss (also called the Icon of Sin). The only new weapon in Doom 2 is the Super Shotgun. It is a double-barrel shotgun that use two shotgun shells every time it is fired, but it does three times as much damage as the normal Shotgun and has a much wider hit box. The game's difficulty is much harder than the first Doom game.

Doom 2 includes an expansion pack known as the Master Levels for Doom II. The expansion pack has 20 WAD files created by various authors under contract with id Software.

Doom 2 also includes another expansion pack called No Rest for the Living, released on the Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360.