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Doping is either a term to describe drug use (usually illegal), or the process of putting certain types of chemical elements in a semiconductor in order to make their characteristics different.

Different types of doping[change | change source]

Electronics[change | change source]

In the field of electronics, doping is when a tiny impurity is added to a semiconductor. This is done to create diodes that make electricity go in one direction, or to make transistors and semiconductor switches.

When an element called boron is added to silicon, the boron "dopant" is called an "acceptor" because it likes accepting electrons.

When a chemical called phosphorous is added to silicon, the phosphorous is called a "donor" because it does not like electrons.

Drugs[change | change source]

When referring to everyday drug use, doping can be considered an old term and is not found in common usage. Some would say it is a "50's" term, much like "going steady". But the use of illegal drugs to help a sportsperson do better is still called "doping", it is not an old fashioned term in sports.

Doping often refers to Marijuana usage, as a common alternate name for Marijuana is dope. The word referring to drug use was probably derived from dope, which means someone who is stupid.