Dos Historias

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Dos Historias
Greatest hits album by Selena
Released February 28, 2006 (US)
Recorded 1990-2006
Genre Tejano/Latin Pop/Grupera
Label EMI Latin
Producer A.B. Quintanilla III/Ana Bárbara
Selena chronology
Selena ¡VIVE!
Dos Historias
Through the Years/A Traves de los Años

Dos Historias (English: "Two Stories") is a compilation album by American singer Selena and Mexican singer Ana Barbara. The album peaked at number three on the US Latin Regional Mexican Albums chart. It also peaked at number 21 on the Top Latin Albums Chart on Billboard in 2006.[1]

Track listings[change | change source]

  1. "Como La Flor" - (Selena)
  2. "La Trampa" - (Ana Bárbara)
  3. "Amor Prohibido" - (Selena)
  4. "Lo Busque" - (Ana Bárbara)
  5. "Fotos y Recuerdos" - (Selena)
  6. "Todo Lo Aprendi De Ti" - (Ana Bárbara)
  7. "No Me Queda Mas" - (Selena)
  8. "Bandido" - (Ana Bárbara)
  9. "Tú Sólo Tú" - (Selena)
  10. "Te Regalo La Lluvia" - (Ana Bárbara)
  11. "Baila Esta Cumbia" - (Selena)
  12. "Ya No Te Creo Nada" - (Ana Bárbara)
  13. "Dreaming of You" - (Selena)
  14. "Como Me Haces Falta" - (Ana Bárbara)

DVD[change | change source]

A special edition was released as well. It included a DVD of four music videos, two each, from Selena and Ana.

  1. No Me Queda Mas (Selena)
  2. Ya No Te Cero Nada (Ana Bárbara)
  3. Dreaming Of You (Selena)
  4. Bandido (Ana Bárbara)

References[change | change source]

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