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A Doujinshi (同人誌) is a Japanese work that a person creates alone or with people who also share same interest. A group of people who work together to create doujinshi are called a circle (サークル, sākuru). Some circles have only one artist working by themselves: they are sometimes called kojin circles (個人サークル, personal circles). These works can be books, manga, art, or other things. Doujinshi are often created by amateurs, but, some professional artists also make doujinshi. The word "doujinshi" comes from doujin (同人, doujin, literally "same person" but meaning "people with the same interests") and shi (, ,"magazine"). Shi is a contraction of the full word zasshi. Zasshi means magazine.

Doujinshi are part of a larger category of dōjin. This category includes art collections, anime, hentai, and games.

People who make Doujinshi are often called "Indie" creators. There are entire genres of games and music dedicated to doujinshi. Due to the nature of Doujinshi, people who make it often find it more difficult to distribute their work than those who choose to distribute on traditional publishing or mainstream channels.

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