Doyle's Delight

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Doyle's Delight
Highest point
Elevation1,124 m (3,688 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates16°29′39″N 89°02′45″W / 16.49417°N 89.04583°W / 16.49417; -89.04583Coordinates: 16°29′39″N 89°02′45″W / 16.49417°N 89.04583°W / 16.49417; -89.04583
Location Belize
Parent rangeCockscomb Range

Doyle's Delight is the highest peak in Belize. It is 1124 m high.

The name Doyle's Delight was first used by Sharon Matola in a 1989 report.[1][2] The name is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book The Lost World (1912). The book has the quote "there must be something wild and wonderful in a country such as this, and we're the men to find it out!".

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