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James Bond 007 1 - War of Dr. Julius No is a 1962 James Bond movie. It was directed by Terence Young. The storyline for the movie is based on the book Dr. No by Ian Fleming.

The movie starred Sean Connery as James Bond. This is the first movie in which Connery played Bond. The movie is remembered by many people because of the moment when Ursula Andress walks out of the sea in a white bikini. It is also the first time we here the now famous line "Bond, James Bond" as James Bond introduces himself

This movie started the James Bond series of movies which are still being made today.

The plot begins in Jamaica, where local English secret agent Strangways and his secretary are killed by three men pretending to be blind beggars, called the "three blind mice".

MI6 (the English spy agency) sends their best agent, Bond, to find out why Strangways was killed. He travels to Jamaica, but not before romancing the beautiful Sylvia Trech.

Whilst in Jamaica, the Three Blind Mice try to kill Bond, first by shooting at him, and then by chasing him in a car. The second time Bond turns the tables by causing their car (a funeral hearse, used to carry dead people in coffins for funerals) to fall off a cliff after a very dangerous car chase. Bond jokes (after seeing their car explode at the bottom) that he thinks they were on their way to a funeral.

The deadly Miss Taro also tries to romance (then kill) Bond, and almost succeeds, before Bond realises that she is working for the enemy.

Detirmined to find out who the enemy is, Bond discovers that Strangways was doing some research on an island called Crab Key and it's owner, a mysterious Chinese man called Dr. No.

Bond travels to Crab Key with Quarrel (a local fisherman secretly working for MI6) and Felix leiter (an American spy). Felix goes back to Jamaica when they reach the island, and Bond and Quarrel meet a beautiful shell collecter called Honey Rider. After a gunfight with Dr. No's men, Quarrel is killed and Bond and Honey are captured. They finally meet Dr. No who explains to them that he works for the evil organisation SPECTRE(SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) and has been hired to "topple" American rockets (making them crash using radio beams).

Honey is tied up and sent top be drowned, whereas James is put in a cell with electrified bars. James escapes through the air vents, rescues Honey and murders No by throwing him into a pool of boiling water. The following chemical reaction destroys the base and Bond and Honey escape in a speedboat, just as the base explodes.

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