Drowning Pool

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Drowning Pool
C. J. Pierce, guitarist of Drowning Pool, in 2010
Background information
Origin Texas, United States
Genres Alternative metal, nu metal (early), Post-grunge, metal, hard rock
Years active 1996-present
Labels Eleven Seven
Jasen Moreno, CJ Pierce, Stevie Benton, Mike Luce
Past members
Dave Williams, Jason Jones, Ryan McCombs

Drowning Pool, often known as DP, are an alternative metal band from Texas in America. The most popular song they have brought out is "Bodies" which is often called "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" because of the repeated line in the chorus. They have brought out five albums on the record label Eleven Seven, and have one live album out called Loudest Common Denominator.

History[change | change source]

The band was famous in 2001 when they brought out their first album called Sinner. The album has the band's hit song "Bodies". The lead singer, Dave Williams, died the next year from heart disease. The band started looking for other singers and found Jason Jones, and they made the album Desensitized together in 2004. The look of the band changed with the new singer; before, they had a dark look, now they had a "rock star vanity" and "sex appeal" look, and the album cover had a supermodel on it. The song "Step Up" did quite well. Jason Jones left because of disagreements, and the band had to look for a singer again.

Ryan McCombs was the third singer for the band. He was known as the lead singer of SOiL, who have a hit song called Halo. His first album with Drowning Pool was Full Circle. Singles from the album are "Enemy" "Shame" "37 Stitches" and "Soldiers". Unlike the two singers the band had before, Ryan stayed in the band to record another album with them. This album was called Drowning Pool (named after themselves) and came out in 2010, with the singles "Feel Like I Do" "Turn So Cold" and "Let The Sin Begin". McCombs did leave in 2011 to rejoin SOiL.

The band found a fourth singer in 2012 called Jasen Moreno. They brought out the next album Resilience in 2013.

Members[change | change source]

  • Jasen Moreno - lead singer (2012-present)
  • C.J. Pierce - guitar player (1996-present)
  • Stevie Benton - bass guitar player (1996-present)
  • Mike Luce - drummer (1996-present)

Former members[change | change source]

  • Dave Williams: lead singer (1999−2002)
  • Jason Jones: lead singer (2003−2005)
  • Ryan McCombs: lead singer (2005-2011)

Albums[change | change source]