ECW Anarchy Rulz (video game)

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ECW Anarchy Rulz
Developer(s)Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City
Publisher(s)Acclaim Entertainment
Genre(s)Professional wrestling
Mode(s)Single player

ECW Anarchy Rulz is a professional wrestling video game developed by Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City and published by Acclaim Entertainment . The game is based on Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). It was the second and final video game based on their promotion before its bankruptcy.

It was released for the PlayStation on August 18, 2000 in North America and in 2000 in Europe,[1] it was also released on the Dreamcast on December 30, 2000 in North America and on February 9, 2001 in Europe.[2] It was the sequel to ECW Hardcore Revolution which was released six months earlier. Acclaim tried to make up for their last game by adding many new match types. Some of the matches that they added in were a Street Fight, Tables Match, Inferno Match, Dumpster Match, Lion's Den, Hate Match, and the Team Rumble. There was supposed to be a Nintendo 64 version but it was cancelled because console was approaching the end of production.

Reception[change | change source]

IGN rated the game a 3.8 out of 10, saying "I'd recommend Anarchy Rulz only to ECW fans, and their reaction might only be to wonder where everything they liked about the promotion has gone".[4] GameSpot gave the game a 5.5 out of 10 and stated "Things just don't feel quite right, and, even if you like the controls, the AI still cheats too much, the same boring combinations still lead to wins, and crowd involvement still takes precedence over inherent skill,"[5]

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