East European Plain

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The East European Plain (or the Russian Plain) is a vast plain in Eastern Europe, an integral part of the European Plain.

It extends from the coast of the Baltic Sea to the Ural Mountains, from the Barents and White Seas to the Black, Azov and Caspian. In the northwest it is bounded by the Scandinavian Mountains, in the southwest by the Sudetenland and other mountains of central Europe, in the southeast by the Caucasus, and in the west the Vistula River serves as the conditional boundary of the plain.

It is one of the largest plains in the world. The total length of the plain from north to south is about 2500 km, from west to east - about 2400 km.

Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova are completely located on the territory of the plain, partially - Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.