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EasyEnglish is a subset of the English language used for making the Bible text easy to understand.[1] It is used to explain complex ideas in the Bible in a simple way.[2] EasyEnglish is used to make to Bible readable by everyone who has a minimal knowledge of English. EasyEnglish comes in two levels. "Level A" has about 1200 words. "Level B" has about 2800 words. Its rules include using one topic per paragraph.[2] It does not use passive verbs, split infinitives, ambiguous pronouns or idioms.[2]

This vocabulary and its application rules are similar to those of VOA Special English, SPOTLIGHT Specialized English and Globish. All three based on a vocabulary list of some 1500 words and guide lines on simple writing. In some way, the rules are also comparable to the simple English Wikipedia and Wiktionary guidelines.

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