Edgar of England

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Edgar the Peaceful
King of England
Reign1 October 959 – 8 July 975
SuccessorEdward the Martyr
Born7 August 943
Wessex, England
Died8 July 975
Winchester, Hampshire, England
SpouseEthelflaed and Elfrida
IssueEdmund Atheling
Ethelred the Unready
FatherEdmund I
Edgar in stained glass: Chapel of All Souls College, Oxford University

King Edgar or Eadgar I (~942 – 8 July 975) was the younger son of King Edmund I of England. He had the nickname, "the Peaceable", but was a stronger king than his elder brother, Edwy. He took the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia from Edwy in 958.

Edgar was recognized as king north of the Thames by Mercian nobles in 958, and officially took the throne when Edwy died in October 959. Immediately Edgar recalled Dunstan from exile and made him successively Bishop of Worcester, then of London and finally Archbishop of Canterbury.

Edgar is regarded as a Saint by the Catholic church.

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Succeeded by
Edward the Martyr