Edward Balliol

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Edward Balliol
King of Scotland (disputed)
Edward Balliol.jpg
King of Scotland (disputed)September 1332 - 1336
HouseHouse of Balliol
FatherJohn Balliol
MotherIsabella de Warenne

Edward Balliol (1283–1367) was a claimant to the throne of Scotland. He claimed the throne from 1314-1356, but reigned only from 1332-1336. He was the eldest son of John Balliol and thus the heir to the Scottish throne after him. However, John was deposed by Robert I and William Wallace (as guardian of Scotland).

He was chosen as king after the death of Margaret, Maid of Norway. Although he was never considered to be the true king as he was an ally with Edward Longshanks and Edward II, kings of England.