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Efigenio Ameijeiras

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Efigenio Ameijeiras

Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado (September 21, 1931 – February 10, 2020) was a Cuban military commander. He worked with Fidel Castro in the military during the 1950s.[1]

He was one of the band of Castro's active guerrillas that became known as the 26th of July Movement, named after the raid on Moncada Barracks on 26 July 1953. During the Bay of Pigs Invasion, on 19 April 1961, he commanded a battalion of about 200 police and militia moving south towards Giron, that was attacked by Brigade B-26s.

Ameijeiras died of sepsis on February 10, 2020 at the age of 88.[2]

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