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Eileen Carey
Eileen Carey.jpg
Background information
BornAltadena, CA
GenresContemporary Country
Years active2002–present
  • Rolleycstr Music
  • My Record Label

Eileen Carey is an American Country-Pop singer based in California.[1][2] Carey is known for intersection of melodic music with pop arrangements.[3] In 2017, Carey was awarded the National Radio Hits Favorite Female Country Artist of the Year.[4]

Career[change | change source]

Eileen Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where she spent her childhood and became an accomplished drummer.[5][6] Later, she moved to California. In 2002, she released her first album Possibilities.[7]

She released her fifth album Let It Go, in 2014. It had eight songs.[8] (This is not the same song as the Let It Go from the Disney film Frozen, which came out in 2013.)

In 2017, Carey was named Live Country Music Performer of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards.[9]

Discography[change | change source]

Year Album Genre Credit Label
2002 Possibilities Country Solo Rolleycstr Music
2005 Hearts of Time[10] Country Solo Rolleycstr Music
2006 Walking After Midnight[11][12] Country Solo Rolleycstr Music
2008 Movin On[13] Contemporary country Solo Rolleycstr Music
2014 Let It Go Adult contemporary Solo My Record Label
2017 Good Bad Girl (single)[14] Country-Pop Solo Independent

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