El Mdou

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El Mdou
Commune and town
El Mdou
El Mdou is located in Tunisia
El Mdou
El Mdou
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 33°48′22″N 10°04′09″E / 33.80611°N 10.06917°E / 33.80611; 10.06917Coordinates: 33°48′22″N 10°04′09″E / 33.80611°N 10.06917°E / 33.80611; 10.06917
Country Tunisia
GovernorateGabès Governorate
Time zoneUTC+1

El Mdou is a village in the south of Tunisia located eight kilometers west of Gabès and dependent on the governorate of Gabès. A regional road crosses it and connects it to Gabès and Matmata, in particular through a bus line. One road goes towards El Hamma and another towards Limaya. The village is home to a school, a mosque and a Antenna to cover the Gabès region.

View of the mosque of El Mdou

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