El Príncipe Gitano

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Enrique Castellón Vargas (April 7, 1928 – April 22, 2020), better known as El Príncipe Gitano (the gipsy prince) was a Spanish flamenco singer, actor and dancer. He was born in Valencia, Spain. He was a bullfighter briefly.[1]

His most famous song is "Obí, obá". He also created a Spanish version of Elvis' song "In the Ghetto".[2] His best known movies were Brindis al cielo (1954), Un heredero en apuros (1956), Veraneo en España (1956), El alma de la copla (1965), El milagro del cante (1967) and Españolear (1969).

Gitano died of COVID-19 on April 22, 2020 in Madrid, aged 88.[3]

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