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Channel 13 (known by its current brand name El Trece, stylized as eltrece)[1] is an Argentine free-to-air television network. It is also the main station of the network of the same name. It is located in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is owned by Grupo Clarín.

Canal 13 (Argentina) - 2000.png
Buenos Aires
ChannelsAnalog: Channel 13 (VHF)
Digital: Channel 33 (UHF, DTT (channel 33.1) (Buenos Aires only)
BrandingEl Trece
(The Thirteen)
SloganPrendete al Trece
(Turn on [channel] thirteen)
OwnerGrupo Clarín
(Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino S.A. (Artear))
First air date
October 1, 1960
(60 years ago)

Special Events[change | change source]

Since 1994, the chain has carried out, together with UNICEF, the program un sol para los chicos (A sun for chidrens), dedicated exclusively to the donation of money for this institution, by companies and viewers. The latter are encouraged through telephone games with famous people and raffles. The program has several hosts throughout the transmission and most of the network's figures also participate; it is issued every year, on Children's Day, generally lasting 9 hours. During the program, concerts are held for the same purpose of raising funds.

Studies[change | change source]

The canal has its major studios and central control in the Constitución neighborhood, in front of the interchange junction of Autopista 25 de Mayo and Avenida 9 de Julio, in the City of Buenos Aires. They are accessed through Calle Lima 1261 and Calle Cochabamba 1153. Not all programs are carried out in these facilities, since some - mainly fictions - are carried out in the studios of the associated production companies.

References[change | change source]

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