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Founded 1932 (1932)
Genre Various
Country of origin Romania
Location Bucharest

Electrecord is a Romanian record label that started in 1932. It was the only record label in Communist Romania because their government believed in centralization.

History[change | change source]

Early Electrecord disc

Communist Romania[change | change source]

Electrecord was often told to make some recordings in Romania instead of importing them from Western Europe and the United States, which recording companies in the Soviet Union were doing. Many stories today say recordings made in Romania are worse due to their lower quality.[source?]

Electrecord had to make the government, listeners and musicians happy. Electrecord released some collection discs. The most successful ones were the Formaţii de muzică pop (pop music bands) series, named Formaţii rock (rock bands) starting with the fourth one. The government did not like the word "rock" for a kind of music.

After[change | change source]

Electrecord became less popular from 1990 because there were other record companies in Romania. Some artists stayed. Most discs released by Electrecord since 1990 have been greatest hits albums or remastered versions of LPs.

Electrecord released the album Songbird by pop singer-songwriter NAVI in June 2017.[1]

Artists[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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