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Elin Eugenia Pikkuniemi, born 15 August 1895 Vojakkala, Sweden, dead 7 May 1988 in Trönö, Sweden, was a Swedish cross-country skiier and a primary schoolteacher.

She was referred to as the "first skiing queen of Sweden".[1] She was one of the most successful female Swedish cross-country skiers during the late 1910s and early 1920s. She competed for IFK Haparanda, winning five 10 kilometers Swedish national championships between 1918-1922.[2] During the late 1920s she competed for Järla IF[1] During the 1930s she competed for Hietaniemi SK.

During the Swedish Sports Confederation's 50th anniversary in 1953, Svenska Dagbladet hosted a voting over Sweden's greatest sportspeople, where circa 500 readers voted, chosing between 150 sportspersons. Among them were Elin Pikkuniemi as the only female.[3]

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