Elsie Grant-Suttie

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Elsie Grant-Suttie
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Personal information
CountryScotland, United Kingdom

Elsie Grant-Suttie (1879 - 1954) was a Scottish female golfer in the early 20th-century.

Grant-Suttie was from East Lothian where she stareted playing golf. Her trainer was Ben Sayers. She played against the main amateurs and professional golfers at North Berwick, Kilspindic, Muirfield and in the South. She won the Stroke competition at St. Andrews in 1908. At the same venue she also won the Ladies' Open Championship. In 1908 she represented Scotland in the Internationals. She didn't lose from any opponent, including winning from the 1908 Womens Amateur Champion Maud Titterton. Two years later in 1910 she became again champion and again from all her opponents.[1]

Grant-Suttie was a cousin of Sir George Grant-Suttie (1870–1947) and of the venerable Lord Wemyss, who was also a golfer.[1]

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