Eluanbi Lighthouse

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Eluanbi Lighthouse
Eluan Pi
Eluanbi Lighthouse
Eluanbi Lighthouse is located in Taiwan
Eluanbi Lighthouse
Pingtung County
Coordinates21°54′08″N 120°51′09″E / 21.902282°N 120.852622°E / 21.902282; 120.852622Coordinates: 21°54′08″N 120°51′09″E / 21.902282°N 120.852622°E / 21.902282; 120.852622
Year first constructed1882
Foundationconcrete and granite
Constructioncast iron tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower, black lantern dome
Tower height21.4 m (70 ft) (five floors)
Focal height56.4 m (185 ft)
Original lensFourth order fresnel
Intensity1,800,000 candela
Range27.2 nautical miles (50.4 km; 31.3 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 10s.
Admiralty numberP4602
NGA number13768
ARLHS numberTAI-018
Managing agentKenting National Park[1] [2]

Eluanbi Lighthouse (Chinese: 鵝鑾鼻燈塔; pinyin: Éluánbí Dēngtǎ) is a lighthouse in Kenting National Park, Taiwan. It is on Cape Eluanbi, which is the southernmost place in Taiwan. Cape Eluanbi is in Pingtung County. The lighthouse is managed by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance. The lighthouse is built between the Pacific Ocean and the Taiwan Strait and it faces toward the Luzon Strait. The lighthouse is open to the public for the whole year. The lighthouse is sometimes called "The Light of East Asia", because its intensity is very powerful.

History[change | change source]

Eluanbi Lighthouse was built in 1883. It was built by the Qing Dynasty. This is because accidents happened a lot in the area. Ships crashed into the reefs in the waters nearby. The Qing Dynasty wanted to prevent accidents like the Rover Incident. W. F. Spindey, who was an English architect that was part of the Royal Geographical Society was hired to build this lighthouse. The lighthouse is the only one in Taiwan that is armed.[3][4] It has a trench around it and a lot of gun holes in the wall. This was needed because many of the local Aboriginal people raided the lighthouse a lot.

After the Treaty of Shimonoseki, Taiwan became a part of the Empire of Japan. Damage on the lighthouse from the First Sino-Japanese War was fixed in 1898 by the Japanese. In World War II, the lighthouse became damaged again during the Aerial Battle of Taiwan-Okinawa.

The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1962. It still works and is a historical monument in Kenting National Park. Next to the lighthouse there is also a memorial of the "Taiwan Eight Magnificent Sceneries".

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