Emperor Mo of Jin

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Emperor Mo of Jin
Emperor of the Jin dynasty
Reign9 February 1234
PredecessorEmperor Aizong
Died9 February 1234 (aged 31–32)
Caizhou (in present-day Runan County, Henan)
Full name
Wanyan Chenglin (完顏承麟, sinicised name)
Hudun (呼敦, Jurchen name)
Era dates
Shengchang (盛昌): 1234 (disputed)
Emperor Mo of Jin
Traditional Chinese呼敦
Simplified Chinese呼敦
Wanyan Chenglin
Traditional Chinese完顏承麟
Simplified Chinese完颜承麟

Emperor Mo of Jin was emperor of China during the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty. He was born in 1202 and died on February 9, 1234. Mo of Jin holds the record for the shortest reign of a monarch in history of China.[1][2]

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