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Empire of China (1915–1916)

Coordinates: 39°54′N 116°23′E / 39.900°N 116.383°E / 39.900; 116.383
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Empire of China
Anthem: 《中華雄立宇宙間》
"China Heroically Stands in the Universe"
Location of Empire of China (1915–1916)
39°54′N 116°23′E / 39.900°N 116.383°E / 39.900; 116.383
Largest cityShanghai
Official languagesStandard Chinese
Heaven worship
• 1915–1916
Yuan Shikai
Prime Minister 
• 1915–1916
Lu Zhengxiang
LegislatureNational Assembly
Historical eraWorld War I
• Establishment of the Empire
12 December 1915
25 December 1915
• Abolition of the Empire and abdication of Yuan Shikai
22 March 1916
• Death of Yuan Shikai
6 June 1916
CurrencySilver yuan
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of China
Republic of China
Empire of China
Traditional Chinese中華帝國
Simplified Chinese中华帝国

The Empire of China (1915-1916) was a short-lived nation (19151916), which was established by the president of China at that time, Yuan Shikai, who would be crowned Emperor of China since the Qing Empire collapsed during the 1911 Xinhai Revolution led by Sun Yat-sen. The Empire will shortly after disintegrate due to the period known as the Age of the Warlords, which separated China for many years.