Empire of Nicaea

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Empire of Nicaea
Αυτοκρατορία της Νίκαιας
The Latin Empire, Empire of Nicaea, Empire of Trebizond, and the Despotate of Epirus. The borders are very uncertain.
Capital Nicaea
Languages Greek
Religion Eastern Orthodox Church
Government Monarchy
 •  1204 – 1222 Theodore I Lascaris
 •  1222 – 1254 John III Ducas Vatatzes
 •  1254 – 1258 Theodore II Lascaris
 •  1258 – 1261 John IV Lascaris
 •  1259 – 1261 Michael VIII Palaeologus
Historical era High Medieval
 •  Established 1204
 •  Disestablished July 1261
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire

The Empire of Nicaea (Greek: Βασίλειον τῆς Νίκαιας) was the largest of the Byzantine Greek states founded by the nobility of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople was conquered during the Fourth Crusade. It lasted from 1204 to 1261.

It ended in 1261, when Constantinople was recaptured.