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The English shepherd or farm collie, is a breed of dog from the United States. Even though it is called English, it is not from England. British settlers brought its ancestors to the New World when the British colonized North America.

English Shepherd
A Tricolor English Shepherd leaping into the air.
Other namesFarm Collie, Farm Shepherd, Old Farm Collie
OriginUnited States
Height Dogs 19 - 23in (48-58cm)
Bitches 18 - 22in (46 - 56cm)
Weight Dogs 45-60lb (20-27kg)
Bitches 40 - 50lb (18 - 23 kg)
Coat Generally long.
Color (Possibilities:) Black & Tan, Black and White, Sable and White, Tricolor
Dog (domestic dog)

The UKC Breed Standard for this dog breed, requires:

• The head is to be of medium length, and slightly rounded between the ears. The head and neck are carried slightly raised.

• The skull is wide and flat above the eyes, broad between the ears.

• Teeth are "strong and regular".

• Ears to be wide at the base.

• Eyes are dark or medium brown, slightly round. Expresses character "strong and intelligently".

• Neck to be well-muscled, and arched.

• Shoulders well laid back, shoulder blade and upper arm of equal length.

• Legs are straight and muscular, not too short.

• Body length is about the same as the height of the withers, (ridge of shoulder blades). Chest is deep, extending down to the elbows. Topline level, ribs well sprung.

• Wide and muscular hindquarters, very compact.

• Feet are compact and round, arched toes.

• Tail moderately long, with the tip reaching to the hock joint. Slight curve, but when dog is at rest should not be held straight up.

• Coat glossy, thick and soft. It may be straight, wavy or curly, except for the face and skull. Fully covers body, good furnishing on hind legs. Tail rather plum, undercoat soft and fine.[1]

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