Eochaid of Scotland

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Disputed King of the Picts
Reign878 - c. 26 November 889[1]
PredecessorÁed or Giric
SuccessorDonald II
Bornc. 860
Diedafter 26 November 889
FatherRun Macarthagail, king of Strathclyde
MotherNN ingen Cináed

Eochaid was disputably king of the Picts during the reign of Giric, his claim to the throne was being the grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin (possibly) and the son of Run, king of Strathclyde which he declared gave him the right to the throne.

Birth[change | change source]

Eochaid was born around c. 860 as son of Run Macarthagail, king of Strathclyde and NN Ingen Cináed. Little is known apart from this about his birth other than it must of took place in Scotland.

Reign[change | change source]

His reign began in 878 after the death of Áed, his 1st cousin once removed, which he claimed gave him right to the throne over Giric who was the murderer of Áed. His reign ended in 889 when he was deposed or abdicated, it is unclear.

Death[change | change source]

His death supposedly happened in 889, after he abdicated or was deposed. It is unknown how he died but it was most likely natural causes.

Donald II[change | change source]

Donald II, his cousin succeeded him and was the last king of the Picts, as after his death in 900 the kingdom of Alba was founded which controlled Pictland and Scotland. Although monarchs were styled as Pictish up until 942/943[2]

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