Ephraïm Inoni

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Ephraïm Inoni (right)

Ephraïm Inoni (born 16 August, 1947)[1] is the former Prime Minister of Cameroon, a country in central west Africa. H.E. Ephraim Inoni comes from the South West province in Cameroon, which is part of the Anglophone provinces in Cameroon. Ephraim Inoni is a member of the ruling party and a strong supporter of President Paul Biya. He was part of President Paul Biya's campaign team in 2006.

"Chief Inoni Ephraim claimed his innocence after the judge gave him a 20 years sentence for his alleged participation in funds embezzlement in the Albatross affair."[2]

Inoni was found guilty of conspiracy in the embezzlement of about $31 million in a fouled up 2001 deal to purchase an airplane for the President Paul Biya of Cameroon.[3] He was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Yaounde Special Criminal Tribunal.

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