Esteghlal F.C.

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Esteghlal F.C.
استقلال تهران
Full nameEsteghlal Tehran Football Club
Nickname(s)تاج (Crown)
FoundedSeptember 24, 1945
GroundAzadi Stadium
Tehran, Iran
ChairmanIran Ali Khatir
Head CoachIran Javad Nekounam
LeaguePersian Gulf Cup
2022-23Persian Gulf Cup, 3rd
WebsiteClub website

Esteghlal Cultural and Athletic Club Persian: باشگاه فرهنگی ورزشی استقلال ایران is an Iranian sports club most widely known for its professional football team based in Tehran. It was founded as Taj (Persian: تاج), meaning 'Crown' in Persian and renamed after the Islamic Revoloution in 1979.

Esteghlal have been Asian Champions AFC Champions League twice and have also won Nine National Championship titles. Esteghlal together with Al-Hilal Riadh of Saudi Arabia are the second most successful clubs in Asian Champion's League, after Pohang Steelers of South Korea, with two champions titles and two runner up.steghlal Club has an average of 30 to 110 million viewers in each of its games on television and cyberspace.

Season-by-season[change | change source]

The table below chronicles the achievements of Esteghlal in various competitions since 1945.

Season League Pos. Hazfi Cup ACL
1945-1946 Tehran Provincial League 2nd Not held Not held
1946-1947 Tehran Provincial League 5th
1947-1948 Tehran Provincial League ?
1948-1949 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1949-1950 _ Not held
1950-1951 Tehran Provincial League 2nd
1951-1952 Tehran Provincial League 5th
1952-1953 Tehran Provincial League 3rd
1953-1954 Tehran Provincial League 4th
1954-1955 _ Not held
1955-1956 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1956-1957 Tehran Provincial League 2nd
1957-1958 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1958-1959 Tehran Provincial League ?
1959-1960 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1960-1961 Tehran Provincial League 3rd
1961-1962 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1962-1963 Iran Local League 4th
1963-1964 Iran Local League 2nd
1964-1965 Tehran Provincial League 3rd
1965-1966 Tehran Provincial League 3rd
1966-1967 _ Not held
1967-1968 Iran Local League 5th
1968-1969 Iran Local League 4th
1969-1970 _ Not held
1970-1971 Iran Local League 1st Cup
1971-1972 Iran Local League 4th 3
1972-1973 _ Not held Did not qualify
1973-1974 Takht Jamshid Cup 2nd
1974-1975 Takht Jamshid Cup 1st
1975-1976 Takht Jamshid Cup 4th 1/8 Final
1976-1977 Takht Jamshid Cup 4th Cup
1977-1978 Takht Jamshid Cup 4th Not held
1978-1979 Takht Jamshid Cup did not finish
1979-1980 1979 Shahid Espandi Cup 6th
1980-1981 Tehran Provincial League 4th
1981-1982 Tehran Provincial League 2nd
1982-1983 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1983-1984 Tehran Provincial League did not finish
1984-1985 Tehran Provincial League 1st
1985-1986 Tehran Provincial League 3rd
1986-1987 Tehran Provincial League 3rd 1/8 Final
1987-1988 Tehran Provincial League 2nd 1/16 Final
1988-1989 17th of Shahrivar league 4th 1/8 Final
1989-1990 Qods League 1st Final
1990-1991 _ Not held 1/8 Final Cup
1991-1992 Azadegan League 2nd Not held Final
1992-1993 Azadegan League 3rd Not held Did not qualify
1993-1994 2nd Division 2nd
1994-1995 Azadegan League 2nd
1995-1996 Azadegan League 3rd Cup
1996-1997 Azadegan League 6th Semifinal
1997-1998 Azadegan League 1st Not held Did not qualify
1998-1999 Azadegan League 2nd Final Final
1999-2000 Azadegan League 2nd Cup Second round
2000-2001 Azadegan League 1st Semifinal 3
2001-2002 Iran Pro League 2nd Cup Semifinal
2002-2003 Iran Pro League 9th First round
2003-2004 Iran Pro League 2nd Final Did not qualify
2004-2005 Iran Pro League 3rd
2005-2006 Iran Pro League 1st Quarterfinal
2006-2007 Iran Pro League 4th 1/16 Final Disqualified
2007-2008 Iran Pro League 13th Cup Did not qualify
2008-2009 Iran Pro League 1st 1/16 Final First round
2009-2010 Iran Pro League 3rd 1/8 Final Round of 16

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