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Binney Street
Euroa is located in Shire of Strathbogie
Coordinates36°45′S 145°34′E / 36.750°S 145.567°E / -36.750; 145.567Coordinates: 36°45′S 145°34′E / 36.750°S 145.567°E / -36.750; 145.567
Population2,768 (2011 census)[1]
Elevation175 m (574 ft)
  • 148 km (92 mi) NE of Melbourne
  • 49 km (30 mi) SE of Shepparton
  • 86 km (53 mi) SW of Wangaratta
LGA(s)Shire of Strathbogie
State electorate(s)Euroa
Federal Division(s)Murray
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
21.0 °C
70 °F
9.4 °C
49 °F
639.7 mm
25.2 in

Euroa is a town in north-east Victoria, Australia about 147 kilometers from Melbourne.[2] It is close to the Strathbogie Ranges. In 2006 there were 2,776 people living in the town.[1] The name Euroa comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "joyful".

History[change | change source]

Major Mitchell camped on the banks of the Seven Creeks at Euroa during his 1836 expedition from Sydney.

The Post Office opened on 1 January 1854 as the township was settled.[3] Euroa became famous when the bank was robbed by Ned Kelly on December 10, 1878. The Kelly Gang got away with about £2000.[4] There are a number of historic buildings still standing in Euroa. These include the Farmers Arms Hotel which was built in 1876, and is now used as a museum.[5] Other buildings are the post office (1890), the old National Bank buildings (1885), the Euroa Hotel (1884) and Blairgowrie House (1890). The first church built in Euroa was the Catholic Church (1867).[5]

The Euroa court house was built in 1892 at a cost of £1354. It was designed by architect J.T.Kelleher, but many now believe it was the work of A.J.McDonald. The court house was closed in 1989.[6]

Sheep farming was a major business, with fine wool Saxon merino sheep being introduced in 1851.[4] Farmers are now making more money from horses.

Facilities[change | change source]

Euroa is roughly midway between Melbourne and Albury. The area is very flat, although the Strathbogie Ranges about 20 km south east of the town.[5]

Euroa has several retirement villages, one high school, and two primary schools. The Shire of Strabogie is based in Euroa.

The main road from Melbourne northward is the Hume Highway. A by-pass was built around the town and since then Euroa has been a quiet town with little growth or business.

The town is located on the main North East railway, and is served by V/Line passenger services.

Sport[change | change source]

The town has an Australian Rules Football team, the "Euroa Magpies", competing in the Goulburn Valley Football League.[7]

Golfers play at the course of the Euroa Golf Club on Walters Road.[8]

Famous people[change | change source]

Three winners of the Victoria Cross for Australia came from the Euroa area:

Sports people[change | change source]

  • Euroa is the birthplace of cricket legend, Merv Hughes.

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