Eurocopter EC665 Tiger

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Eurocopter EC665 Tiger
Eurocopter Tigre de l'aviation légère de l'armée de terre.jpg
Eurocopter Tiger of the French Army.
Role Attack Helicopter
National origin France & Germany
Manufacturer Eurocopter.
First flight April 27th 1991.
Introduction 2005
Status Active
Primary user French Army

The Eurocopter EC665 Tiger is a new generation of attack helicopter built in France and Germany by Eurocopter. At the beginning of 2013, countries using this were Australia, France, Germany, and Spain. The Tiger (French: Tigre) is a twin-turbine helicopter built in metal. Weapons are rockets, 30mm cannon, and missiles.

France used this helicopter in the Afghanistan war and in 2013 war in Mali against al-Qaeda.

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