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Europa may refer to:

People and characters[change | change source]

  • Europa (mythology), a Phoenician princess in Greek mythology, from whom the name of the continent Europe is taken
  • Europa of Macedon, the daughter of Philip II by his last wife, Cleopatra
  • Madama Europa, the nickname, or perhaps the real name, of Europa Rossi (fl. 1600), sister of the Jewish violinist and composer Salamone Rossi, who was one of the first opera singers

Geography[change | change source]

Astronomy[change | change source]

In entertainment[change | change source]

In movies[change | change source]

  • Europa (movie), a movie by Lars von Trier, released as Zentropa in North America
  • Europa Europa, a 1990 movie about a young Jewish man who survived World War II by pretending to be a German war hero

In gaming[change | change source]

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In music[change | change source]

In sports[change | change source]

  • NFL Europa (formerly NFL Europe), an American football competition from 1991–2007
  • UEFA Europa League, the second most important European competition for UEFA-eligible football clubs

In transportation[change | change source]

  • Europa rocket, an early expendable launch system project of the European Launcher Development Organisation
  • Europa Aircraft, a light-aircraft kitplane company based in the UK
  • Bizzarrini Europa, a small GT car produced by Bizzarrini between 1966 and 1969
  • Lotus Europa, a sports car manufactured by Lotus Cars

Ships[change | change source]

  • HMS Europa, one of a number of ships and shore establishments of the Royal Navy
  • Europa (ship), a traditionally rigged tall ship from the Netherlands, built in 1911
  • SS Europa (1922), an immigrant ship on the Europe to North America route in 1950–51 (originally the SS Mongolia)
  • SS Europa (1930), an ocean liner operated by the North German Lloyd in 1930–45
  • MS Europa (1953), a combined ocean liner / cruise ship operated by the North German Lloyd in 1965–70 and Hapag-Lloyd in 1970–81
  • MS Europa (1981), a cruise ship operated by Hapag-Lloyd in 1981–99
  • MS Europa (1999), a cruise ship operated by Hapag-Lloyd since 1999
  • MS Silja Europa, a cruise ferry operated by Silja Line since 1993
  • Costa Europa, a cruise ship operated by Costa Cruises since 2002

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