Eurovision Song Contest 1959

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The Eurovision Song Contest 1959 was the fourth edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was held on Wednesday 11 March 1959 and was hosted in Cannes, France by Jacqueline Joubert. All countries from the previous contest returned, except for Luxembourg. The United Kingdom returned to the contest and Monaco entered for the first time.

Overview[change | change source]

Results of the Eurovision Song Contest 1959
R/O Country Artist Song Points Place
1 France France Jean Philippe "Oui oui oui oui" 15 3rd
2 Denmark Denmark Birthe Wilke "Uh, jeg ville ønske jeg var dig" 12 5th
3 Italy Italy Domenico Modugno "Piove" 9 6th
4 Monaco Monaco Jacques Pills "Mon ami Pierrot" 1 11th
5 Netherlands Netherlands Teddy Scholten "Een beetje" 21 1st
6 Germany Germany Alice and Ellen Kessler "Heut' woll'n wir tanzen geh'n" 5 8th
7 Sweden Sweden Brita Borg "Augustin" 4 9th
8 Switzerland Switzerland Christa Williams "Irgendwoher" 14 4th
9 Austria Austria Ferry Graf "Der K. und K. Kalypso aus Wien" 4 9th
10 United Kingdom United Kingdom Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson "Sing Little Birdie" 16 2nd
11 Belgium Belgium Bob Benny "Hou toch van mij" 9 6th