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Eva González was a Spanish writer. She was born in Palacios del Sil (province of Llión, Spain) in 1918. She died in León in 2007. She has a dedicated street in León city for her contribution to the literature in Leonese language.

She wrote:

  • Poesías ya cuentus na nuesa tsingua (1980).
  • Bitsarón. Cousas pa nenos y pa grandes na nuesa tsingua (1981).
  • Xentiquina (1983).
  • Xeitus: poesías ya cuentus (1985).
  • Branas d'antanu ya xente d'anguanu: poesías ya cuentus (1990) reedited (2003)

Collective books:

  • Cuentos de Lleón (1996)
  • Cuentos del Sil (2006)
  • El Dialecto Leonés, edición conmemorativa (2006)

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